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Introducing EPM 12

Preventive Maintenance Mobilized. You can do more with our FileMaker driven software!

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  • Create your own reports on the fly!

  • Close work orders on your iPhone, iPad or PC

  • Get work instructions on your iPhone, iPad or PC

  • Run on iPads for free, unlimited users.

  • Run on any PC, Netbook, wired or wirelessly with FileMaker 12.

  • Use paper or go paper free

  • Integrate any FileMaker 12 database you create.

  • Low cost hosted or desktop. See our price list.

  • Optional Map View:  We can integrate multi-pin mapping and GPS features into your database so you can track all your workorders on a Google map and capture a GPS with your device

  • Calendar view and integration with your system

  • Signature and security trails that can't be modified per record, per plant, per field.  Comply with regulatory standards such as FDA and ISO. Record trail assures security and integrity of data.

  • Completely customizable with and can be integrated with your current PO system, and integrate your own accounts tracking numbers.

  • Supports multiple locations with one database, one admin, and each plant can see their own workorders.

  • Supports multiple devices and web views

  • Supports multiple parts warehouses.

What EPM 12 Does Best?

  • Publish procedures per task and update them with every cycle. View these on any device

  • Enhance your task descriptions with photos or videos

  • Track maintenance performance through our proprietary index

  • View history records with graphs and pinpoint problem areas

  • Share it with various plants in your municipality and hide other plant's records by username

  • Log edits by user

  • Schedule work automatically. Our rolling schedule means you won't miss a task.

  • Track labor and material costs per task and equipment.

  • Ideal for municipalities and government maintenance in all areas


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